A Design Festival for
People Who Use Type

@ The Cooper Union
New York City

June 2019

The Typographics design fest­ival, now in its 5th year, is a multi-part event series foc­used on con­tempo­rary typo­graphy and where its future may lie.


June 14 & 15

The center of Typographics is a two-day lecture series focused on the contemp­orary use of type. Regi­stration is now open to the public, with significant discounts before the full schedule is announced.

and Tours

June 10-20

Workshops and tours are sched­uled before and after the confer­ence, covering every­thing from hand lettering to respon­sive typography.


June 13-16

The TypeLab at Typographics 2019 will host a series of technical hands-on work­shops, demos, inter­views, and exper­iments in an informal environment.

Book Fair

June 15 & 16

The Typographics festival includes the Typographics Book Fair, with items for sale from some of our favorite design booksellers.

And much more

Further programming will be announced over the coming weeks. For news and updates, join our mailing list and follow @TypographicsNYC on Twitter.


Registration for the main Typographics confer­ence is now open, with signif­icant discounts available before the full sched­ule is announced.

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We’re lucky to have the support of some of our favorite organizations. Without their generosity, Typographics would not be possible. Please consider supporting them.

Interested in sponsoring? Write to type@cooper.edu

Interested in sponsoring? Write to type@cooper.edu