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The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

The TypeLab at Typographics 2019 will host a series of hands-on work­shops, demos, inter­views, and experiments, June 13–16.

Keeping with its alternative roots, the TypeLab is a space for informal events to complement the main schedule of the Typographics conference – like a multi-day typographic hackathon.

Hours and access

Thu, June 13 Free and open to the public
Fri, June 14 Open to attendees of the Typographics conference (registration required)
Sat, June 15 Open to attendees of the Typographics conference (registration required)
Sun, June 16 Free and open to the public

The TypeLab will be held mostly in the Room LL101 at 41 Cooper Square, just across the street from where the main Typographics conference is held.

TypeLab’s schedule is curated by Petr van Blokland and will constantly evolve until the final event has ended, allowing for spontaneous alterations and additions as space and time allow. The schedule is always subject to change at any time without notice.

TypeLab events are being planned and will be posted in the coming weeks. For updates and announce­ments, join the Typographics mailing list and follow @TypographicsNYC on Twitter.

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